GALS in Cabins, Guys IN tents (actually cabins)

Purity Weekend

Friday, October 27th – Sunday, October 29th

Locust Grove, Arkansas


Purpose is to bring together young adults who:

  • Love the Lord WHOLEHEARTEDLY
  • Want to prepare their hearts for marriage
  • Desire purity in life and Marriage
  • Hunger for more of God
  • Want Fellowship with a Like-minded community

What is The Purpose & Why Come?

Why should you come?

  • Worship
  • Fellowship
  • Spiritual Lessons on Godly Relationships
  • Devotion to Purity
  • New Friendships with Like-minded Spirit-led Young Adults

Who Is Invited:

Ages 18-26 single young adults who are seeking the Lord on how they are to live pure, find their future spouse and honor God from the beginning of the relationship.

Those who are wanting to live dedicated, not distracted lives.

Where do we sleep?


IT’s About Time

Friday, October 27th – Sunday, October 29th


We have put together an event like no other…a single, young adult, in-love with Jesus, purity-minded, legacy focused, mentor based, worship-filled, fellowship, teaching and worship weekend!



  • Check-in after 4pm
  • Dinner at 6pm (Girls Serve – Boys Clean)
  • Session 1: Preferences… Good or God?
  • After Service Bonfire
  • Dismiss to designated areas 10pm
  • Lights out @ 1030pm


  • Personal Devotional Time @ 7am
  • Breakfast @ 745am (Boys Serve – Girls Clean)
  • Session 2 @9am
  • Morning Breakout @ 10am
    • Boys in Tab
    • Girls in Cafe
  • Competition Activity @ 11am
  • Lunch @ 12pm (Girls Serve – Boys Clean)
  • The Hike @ 1pm – 4pm
    • Session 3
    • Competition
    • Breakout Session
    • Boys on Rock
    • Girls in Valley
  • Chapel Time
    • Boys in Chapel
    • Girls in Cafeteria
  • Dinner @ 6pm (Boys Serve – Girls Clean)
  • Session 4:
  • After Service Table Game Time
  • Dismiss to sleeping arrangements 1030pm
  • Lights out 11pm


  • Personal Devotion Time @ 7am
  • Breakfast @ 745am
  • Breakout Session @ 9am (Girls Serve – Boys Clean)
  • Boys in Tab
  • Girls in Cafe
  • Sunday Morning Service @ 10am
  • Sunday Morning Testimony Time @ 11am
  • Lunch @ Noon (Boys Serve – Girls Clean)
  • Closing Blessing @ 1pm



Cost: $50 per person (includes lodging, activities, and meals)


Date: Friday, October 27th – Sunday, October 29th


Location: Locust Grove, Arkansas


How many: 42 young Adults



Time: Friday @4pm until Sunday @1pm



Activities: Worship, Hiking, Teaching, Devotions, Testimonies, breakouts, fellowship, Competitions, and prayer!



Our Guidelines

These are set up to remove the opportunity to fall into temptation, laziness, or isolation.

  • Everything in public: We do everything in the open other than sleep and restroom breaks
  • Everything is together: Wake-up time, bed time, prayer time, activity time, the hike, sessions and breakouts. 
  • Everyone participates:  Outside of sickness, everyone will participate in all the activities, all meals, all sessions, all competitions.
  • Everyone in their OWN space:  Gals cabins are only for gals, and guys areas only for guys. 
  • Everyone is present:  Cell phones and devices are only to be used for emergency contact.  In other words, plan to bring a notebook, Bible, and pen for sessions and leave the phone in your cabins or cars.
  • Everyone is modest:  First, it will be November so dress accordingly.  We know this has a lot of room and variance on what is “modest” so in the interest of protecting the minds and emotions of those attending here are the criteria of modesty


  • No suction-fitting clothes
  • Shorts and Skirts to the knees
  • Tops: no low necklines
  • No Pajamas at breakfast
  • HIKING GEAR (Pants, long sleeves, jacket and good outdoor shoes)


  • No short shorts
  • No PJs at meals
  • HIKING GEAR (Pants, long sleeves, jacket and good outdoor shoes)