We have camp dates and they are filling up!
Here are the dates that have open slots!

  • 1 – APRIL 28-30
  • 2 – MAY 27-29
  • 3 – SEPT 2-4
  • 4 – OCT 7-9


Never been to a camp with us before – let me share a little about what you can expect by what we send to our families when they lockin their dates!

Hello Families!

First, we are excited to be hosting you all for our camp here on Brock Mountain.  We wanted to send you a few notes about what to expect, what to bring, and the overall purpose of the camps.


Schedule of Events


  • Check-in to your cabins (each family is assigned a team to care for their needs)
  • Meal with families
  • Session 1: My Trail Family


  • Breakfast
  • Session 2:  Discovering Me
  • Session 3: Discovering My Family
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Activities
  • Session 4: Family Compass
  • Session 5: Core Values
  • Dinner
  • Session 6: Our Rocks
  • Activity – S’mores and Devotions around the campfire


  • Breakfast
  • Session 7: Base Camp
  • Session 8: Our Family Vision




We have rustic cabins that sleep the whole family together in one room.  You will have your own lockable bathroom assigned to you, as well as keys to your cabin.  One cabin has a bathroom inside with a full-size futon and 6 twin bunks. The other cabins have 3 twin bunks, a queen bed, and an additional futon that can convert into a bed.  Each cabin has AC and/or a heater unit but we encourage families to bring bedding that is appropriate for the season as well.  

List of supplies to bring:

  • *Bedding – pillow, sheet, blankets, etc
  • *Skin Protection – if you want insect repellent
  • *Clothing – outdoor clothes
  • *Bible and notebook
  • *Kids “table activities” for younger children. 


Family – we want this to be a time where you can work on the family with the family.  We know that kids will cooperate SOME of the time, so our goals are that you have the room to work that out.  We will have kids packets for those who would want to color to occupy themselves.  But feel free to bring crafting supplies or quiet activities that they would enjoy as well.

Learning – the goal of the weekend is to help families find their God-given purpose TOGETHER.  That means that we want everyone in the family to participate as best as they can and learn a little about each other and what God has for them as a family.  We do this every year as a refresher for our own family as we have found that “life” can sometimes get us off track.

Fellowship – Every camp is limited to 3 families, so the environment is very “friends and family”.  

Faith – our NUMBER 1 goal is an encounter with God as a family.  We do that through sessions, activities, chapel time, and devotions.  If there is one thing that we would want families to expect when coming, it would be that they get to spend time as a family with God.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to sow into your family and the future that God has for you.  God has spent the last 15 years showing our family how to be better at seeking HIS will as a family together, as well as how to set them up for a future that is centered around Christ.  While still learning ourselves, we believe this weekend will be encouraging, and that the Holy Spirit will inspire your family for what God’s best is for you!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Blessings – The Stewarts